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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Bespoke 1 min read

Commissioning a Bespoke Jewellery Gift

Rebecca Smith
Diamond Engagement Ring matching bespoke wedding ring

Commissioning a bespoke unusual piece of jewellery that is personal to you or your loved ones is a very special gift. Our professional jewellery designers work closely with you to create a tailor made piece. Whether it is a platinum and diamond engagement ring, an 18ct gold wedding ring, ruby earrings for yourself or a white gold pendent for your daughter, Pruden and Smith can create the right piece of jewellery for you.

Commissioning Diamond Platinum RingRedesigning your old jewellery maintains its sentimental value while producing something of beauty you will enjoy wearing. If you look in your jewellery box it is likely to contain treasured items of jewellery that remind you of precious memories documenting your life, your families and friends. Pruden and Smith offer you the opportunity to review your entire collection. Starting with a free overview of all your jewellery we discuss each item its sentimental value, its financial value and what aspects of it you like or dislike. Items that you do not wear are assessed by testing and cataloguing the sizes and shapes of any stones that might be reused and the colour and carat of the metals without damage to the items). Discussions about what you would like to achieve from the process are both informative, creative and fun. A plan is developed, often with several pieces that can be made over time for different members of the family. Precious metals if not of sentimental value can be practical/economical for reuse costs involved in creating your new jewellery. Browse our website, or visit our workshops and gallery and imagine what you would like to create. If you’re inspired make an appointment instore or online with one of our designers for your free consultation.

Pruden and Smith was formed in 1988 in Ditchling, Sussex, just outside of Brighton by Anton Pruden and Rebecca Smith. After primarily focusing on silverware the business has evolved and is one of the leading bespoke unusual jewellers in the U.K. Pruden and Smith now concentrate on two aspects bespoke jewellery manufacture: commissioning a brand new item or redesigning your old jewellery into a new piece, and developing ranges of spectacular contemporary.

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