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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Eternity 3 min read

Creative Eternity Rings

Rebecca Smith
Bespoke Old cut bubbles eternity ring

There are many starting points to beginning the process of designing our Creative eternity rings. One of our recent favorites is this 18ct yellow gold and old cut diamond eternity ring. The diamonds themselves inspired the piece. They were unset from a clients old jewellery. As they were being removed from metalwork that was designed to make them look as round as possible their lovely rocky shapes were revealed. Old cut or “mine cut” diamonds were cut in a time where it was impossible to achieve the many exactly measured facets of a modern round brilliant diamond. They had to be cut by a method called “bruting” quite literally the bashing of one mounted diamond against another as it turned on a lathe. This gives an unevenness to the facets and a thickness to the diamond. We wanted to emphasise the lovely rocky shapes rather than hide them. This ring was carved from a single piece of 18ct yellow gold. First wrapped round into the right size of ring shape. Then drilled and carved to fit each diamonds’ own unique shape. There were enough left over to also create a pair of bespoke diamond earstuds using the same technique.

Old Cut Diamond Cluster earstudsRecycle your old cut diamond bubbles eternity ring Recycled Old Cut Diamond Eternity RingBespoke Old cut bubbles eternity ring

Carving was also used to cut into the surface of one of our side hammered rings. I call it carving as it is deeper than you would normally engrave, though we tried to achieve a “bright cut” look to the pattern. Diamond “islands” have been positioned into the “water” pattern using panels of 18ct yellow gold.

engraved two colour diamond trap ringunusual creative carved eternity ringbespoke two colour gold diamond eternity ring

Photography of natural forms and patterns has always been an influence on our design work as has working with the materials themselves. Our love of hammered and textured surfaces all comes from seeing these effects appear as we are working the precious metals.

Creative Eternity RingsCreative Eternity Rings

Gold Silver Hammered Ringtriple two colour side hammered eternity ring with pink blue white diamondsHammered Eternity Ring rose gold white gold and diamondLarge rough diamond stacking rings

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