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The Signet Ring: You Don’t Have To Be an Aristocrat To Wear One

Rebecca Smith

The Signet Ring is Back in Fashion!

Once known as the ‘gentleman’s ring’, the Signet Ring has made a comeback in fashion! Centuries ago, this engraved ring would feature a family crest or coat of arms and be used to seal letters. Thus, authenticity was easy to determine. Now, however, the signet ring has made somewhat of a comeback. Last year, the comeback was given true credibility when Alessandro Michele, Creative Director for Gucci, littered the runways with rings throughout fashion shows last year.

If you’re thinking about buying any new jewellery this autumn, whether it be a treat for yourself or a gift you should consider a signet ring. At this stage, we wanted to share some knowledge about these beautiful rings:

Signet Ring

Would you like to feel like an ancient Egyptian pharaoh?

The name ‘signet’ actually means ‘to seal’, which has very much been the main use of this ring. In fact, the earliest signet rings can be traced back to ancient Egypt, over 4,000 years ago. The pharaohs and certain senior officials would use the ring to seal business transactions.

Signet Ring

The signet ring was once considered more authentic than a signature!

Originally, signet rings featured raised decorations and lettering. However, following the development of sealing wax, the designs were then imprinted into the ring. In the thirteenth century, these rings were very expensive in the UK and so families would possess a single ring. It would be passed down from father to son. Would you start a tradition and pass yours down to the next generation?

Signet Ring

You don’t have to have a family coat of arms to wear your own signet ring.

Today, the signet ring is very much back in fashion. Just one look at the hands of a runway model and it’s obvious, but what if you don’t have a family coat of arms? Going back to ancient Egyptian times again, a lot of the engraving on their rings would feature symbols. The beetle would symbolise the sun, for example. Do you have an affinity with a particular animal or element?

Signet Ring

Immortalise your connection with that special someone with an engraved signet.

One final idea if you are looking to purchase a signet ring as a gift for somebody: We can integrate birthstones and engrave initials into signet rings. If you have a message for your loved one, we can immortalise it into a signet ring so they can be reminded of it whenever they want.

If you feel like having your own personalised signet ring, please contact us via the link below. We take great pride in bringing people’s visions to life. Just remember that men wear the ring on the ring finger of their left hand and women wear it on the pinkie finger of their non-dominant hand. Browse our signet rings here.

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