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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

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Bespoke Engagement Rings

Rebecca Smith

Bespoke engagement rings handmade in Ditchling Sussex. Pruden and Smith combine the best in craft skills with design excellence. Choose your diamond size and shape to fit your budget then have a contemporary or traditional ring designed to display it.

Bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands

A platinum “flat twist” 0.5ct diamond engagement ring with made to fit wedding band £4400

Choosing your diamond can be confusing. There are many certifying bodies for diamonds and the colour and clarity grades that they award to the diamonds they grade are not comparable across the board. This means you can appear to have found a bargain yet when you receive the diamond it is disappointing. At Pruden and Smith we can guide you though the buying process. By explaining the colour grades and clarity grades to you and demonstrating the difference in the grading of the different certifying bodies you can make an informed choice about what diamond you are buying. As a naturally occurring gemstone each diamond has it’s own unique inclusions and shape. Some of these can detract from a diamonds brilliance depending on their position within the diamond, yet you pay no more for either. The polish and symmetry of the cutting is also an aspect that you pay no more for. We can advise you on all of these crucial aspects to diamond buying.

bespoke platinum engagement rings and made to fit wedding rings

1ct diamond and platinum engagement ring with fitted diamond set wedding ring £10,800

We recommend platinum for the setting of your bespoke diamond ring. this is because platinum is way harder and denser than any of the other precious metals. It will keep your diamond safe for many years without any need for attention especially if you are commissioning a claw set engagement ring. If you would like to introduce coloured metals into your ring then 18ct rose gold or 18ct yellow gold are ideal both supplying a rich colour. There are many types of special finish which you can incorporate into your engagement ring design such as the hammered finish below.

Hammered engagement ring with round diamond handmade in platinum

Hammered finish platinum engagement ring with fitted wedding band set with a 0.6ct round brilliant cut diamond £2800

Ethical engagement rings: Ethically sourced metals and diamonds are very important to some clients. At Pruden and Smith each item is handmade and they are constantly looking to see how they can be more environmentally friendly and ethical. Mining is of itself damaging so they recycle metals as much as they can. The choice currently is Ecosilver, recycled 18ct white or yellow gold or recycled platinum. If you like yellow gold we can also supply FairTrade 18ct yellow gold. When it comes to the diamond all diamonds in the UK have to comply with the Kimberly process. We use a UK supplier so all our diamonds are traceable back to the mine through them. Here is a critique of the Kimberly Process, not all good but it’s currently all we have as a system. If you have your own older or inherited diamond jewellery then this can be redesigned for you, reusing all the materials. See our “precious legacy service”.

handmade engagement ring sussex Rough diamond engagement ring set in hammered platinum with a matching wedding ring £749

Pruden and Smith use many unusual materials to create truly contemporary engagement rings. This ring utilises an uncut diamond. For anyone not wanting the brilliance of a cut diamond this is a great way to give your engagement ring a different look.

double claw Engagement ring double claw

Claw set platinum engagement ring with o.5ct diamond £3800

Bespoke Engagement Rings: Make an appointment today to discuss your dream ring. Call our designer Rebecca Smith on 01273 846338

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