Redesign Your Old Jewellery

Why redesign your old jewellery? If you take a look in your jewellery box or in those boxes tucked away in the attic, safe or even the bank, they’re likely to contain many treasured items of jewellery that hold precious memories documenting your life, your family and friends. Perhaps they remind you of a special person or moment so you would never dream of parting with them. Yet, they remain unworn due to damage or not suiting or fitting you. If this is the case, redesigning your old jewellery is a fun, creative and ethical process that may be perfect. Recycling your old gemstones or precious metals mean that we don’t have to source new materials which is economical and ethical.

A Precious Legacy

In a process we’ve named “A precious legacy“, we offer you the opportunity to review your entire collection. Firstly, it starts with a free overview of all your items where we discuss each item with you. For example, this includes its sentimental value, its financial value and whether you like to wear it as it is. Next, we assess the items that you do not wear by testing the metal they are made from, Then, we catalogue the sizes and shapes of any stones you may want to reuse. This is always done without damage to the items.

Once this inventory is complete, we can begin to discuss what you would like to achieve from the process. Usually we aim to design some fantastic new pieces of jewellery that maintain the sentimental value of the old pieces. You may want to pass some of the materials on to other family members. Alternatively, you can choose to commission pieces for them at the same time.

If you have several items, we present you with a plan, often with several pieces than we can make over time. Then, it is up to you to choose which pieces you would like to go ahead with first to suit your budget. Sometimes precious metals (but not stones) of no sentimental value can be scrapped with us. Consequently, this can provide for some of the labour costs involved in creating your new jewellery.

Take a look and imagine what you would like to create: the possibilities are endless. If you’re inspired make an appointment with one of our designers, Rebecca and Suzy for your free consultation today.

Contact our designers now to book a free design consultation to redesign your old jewellery


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