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Valuations 1 min read

July valuation day is almost here.

Rebecca Smith

A Valuation day, what is it?

A valuation day is a chance for you to get your precious jewellery valued. We hold the valuation day at our gallery and workshops ‘Pruden and Smith’ in Ditchling. Our expert valuer this month will be Tom Ward who is an accredited valuer of ‘The Guild of Valuers and Jewellers’. At the July valuation day you can have a face-to-face appointment with Tom or you can leave your items to look at with us. We will clean your jewellery if necessary to prepare for the valuation. Tom will examine your items without them leaving your sight if you wish, as well as giving you some fascinating snippets on their history and origin. Vital information about your items will be recorded, including gemstone types and sizes, metal types and workmanship quality. Finally, once the all of your items have been examined and photographed, you will receive a beautifully presented valuation to take home there and then. You will also receive your own personal log in to an online version of your valuation that can be updated at any time. Or in the case of a loss, instantly made available to your insurance company.

July valuation day

Why do it?

It’s very important to have your jewellery valued. Insurance companies will often not cover items of jewellery without a valid valuation certificate!


by making sure your jewellery is valued with a full report, it means you can fully insure your jewellery at the right replacement value.

When is the July valuation day?

Save The Date: Wednesday 20th July 2016

The Time: When you have made your appointment it will be within our shop opening times of 10-5. Please book an appointment as the valuation days are busy!

Booking your appointment here at Pruden and Smith.

To book an appointment just Call us! Phone Number: 01273 846338

For our more ways you can contact us please click the link below:

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