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Feel Like a Fashionista! Which Colours Suit Your Complexion?

Rebecca Smith

Are you warm-coloured? How about cool or clear? Do you know which colours suit your complexion?

The colours you wear can really impact how you feel. This includes the clothes on your back and the jewellery you compliment them with. Similar to a piece of art, certain colours work well with others, and some don’t. Your body is like the canvas; however, it’s got a certain colour to it. Therefore, you need to consider which colours suit your complexion. Below, we’ve listed the colours that best match particular complexions. Find your colouring below and let us know if you agree!


Not sure if this is your tone? Roll up a sleeve and look at the veins on your wrist. If they look almost green, you have warm undertones. If they’re more of blue, you’re cool and should keep scrolling down.

For this tone, you should be looking for brown, orange and yellow in your clothing. For jewellery, gold is your metal of choice. Warm greens and reds work, too, so how about some subtle Tourmaline and Ruby earrings?

Which colours suit your complexionChristmas Jewellery gold tassle earrings
How about combining these to make a fashion statement?


Still not sure on what your complexion is? Take a look in the mirror. If your eyes are blue, grey or green, you’re cool-toned. If your eyes are brown or hazel, you’d better scroll back up to the warm section.

For you cool people, your best bet with clothes are the greens, blues and greys. What does this mean for jewellery? Avoid the yellow gold and look for silver or white gold. Try pairing a beautiful Green Emerald ring with an Amethyst necklace and Pearl earrings.

Which colours suit your complexionWhich colours suit your complexion
Unlike people with warm colouring, white gold is the friend of cool-coloured people.


Do you liken yourself more to celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Rachel McAdams? You could very well have a clear or neutral tone. The great news for you is that pretty much any colour works very well for you! It really makes the task of choosing which colour suits your complexion, easy.

It’s best to choose the softer versions of a colour, but you’ll be very happy to know that a bright, eye-catching red lipstick will really suit you and turn heads everywhere you go. For your clothing, throw on some white and black. This will allow the beauty of your accessories to come through. If you want to really stand out, how about a Tanzanite pendant? Or a Ruby ring to compliment your red lips? If you’re feeling a little subtler, you can always go for some Sapphire earrings.

Which colours suit your complexion
If you have clear skin colouring, bright and vibrant colours reign supreme.

Want to know more? Join us for our VIP evening with Colour & Image consultant Kim Handford from Colour Me Beautiful on October 17th. Kim will help you discover how to make sure your jewellery not only shows the world how unique you are, but also compliments your natural colouring beautifully. Understanding which colours suit your complexion means your personality and style can shine, and you can invest in treasured pieces with confidence.

We have a limited number of places available, so please book a place now to avoid disappointment. If there are no spaces available, please add yourself to the waiting list and you will be the first to hear about our next event.

Which colours suit your complexion

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