Ruby Eternity Ring Side Hammered

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SKU: 14000101


This unusual side hammered ruby eternity ring was commissioned to reuse a clients own rubies from some jewellery that had worn out over the years but was of great sentimental value. Based on our range of silver side hammered rings this lovely eternity ring was made in 9ct white gold. It was hammered so that the shape of the ring would allow the settings for the oval faceted rubies to fit into it’s undulating form. The rubies measure 6x4mm and the overall width of the finished ring is 10mm. The brief from the client was that they wanted a striking ring that could be worn all the time that had a modern contemporary look.

We love this organic look and you will see plenty more of this side hammered technique applied to rings and bangles in our “hammered jewellery” section under “collections”. We will be starting to set gemstones into this range this year. So if you like the look of them come in and take a look at the gemstones that we have in stock to create your unique piece. Amethyst, aquamarine, tourmaline, tanzanite and much more.

This is a great example of how you can transform your old jewellery into something very contemporary and retain the sentimental value of your much loved old jewellery.

Commissioning a ruby eternity ring, hand made and delivered in four weeks

The price listed is for the metalwork only. The rubies pictured here weigh 1ct each and are priced at £800 each. You could achieve a similar effect with garnets at £120 each. Ruby comes in many different shades. From light pink to dark pink, blood red to a red wine colour. We can source your ruby for you, whichever colour you prefer. Including FairTrade rubies from Tanzania. Rubies comes as rough crystals, faceted gemstones, rounded cabochons and as faceted or round beads. What would you design? Delivery time is approximately 4 weeks.

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