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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Pruden and Smith

Jewellery Care

Although our products are high quality and made to last, please treat your Pruden and Smith jewellery carefully.

We have gathered this information to help you care for your jewellery and preserve its beauty.

  • Please remember that perfumes and hairsprays may react with the material of your jewellery and cause discolouration.
  • Take off your jewellery before you exercise. Sweating can tarnish your jewellery, and there's a risk that it might get damaged.
  • Chemicals in swimming pools and natural springs will cause extreme tarnishing of your jewellery. To prevent this, remove your jewellery before entering a pool, shower, spring or the sea.
  • We recommend storing your jewellery in something airtight – a zip-lock bag or jewellery box, for example – as exposure to the air and environment can cause your jewellery to tarnish over time.
  • When you're not wearing your jewellery, keep items separate so they don't tangle or rub against each other.
  • Don't store your jewellery next to heating vents, windowsills, or the bathroom. These conditions will cause your jewellery to tarnish.
  • When cleaning precious jewellery, be careful to avoid damage. We recommend asking your local jeweller for advice or contacting us for further assistance – we offer free cleaning services on our items other while you wait or by postal service.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – we're here to help.

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