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Christmas Jewellery Commissions Reusing Gemstones

Rebecca Smith
Christmas Jewellery Commissions Reusing Gemstones

Christmas jewellery commissions reusing gemstones are an exciting and ethical way to treat a loved one to a beautiful new piece of bespoke jewellery. Do you have old jewellery at home containing small diamonds and semi-precious stones? Or perhaps a collection of small, mismatched stones leftover from a previous commission that used up the larger stones? These small gemstones might not look like much individually but with a little creativity they can be used to create something spectacular.

Christmas Jewellery Commissions Reusing Gemstones: What to consider

Reusing Small Mismatched Diamonds

We often find that people have a series of small diamonds leftover after redesigning old jewellery. At first you might not know what to do with them. They may be very small or perhaps all different mismatched sizes. These types of stones can be perfect for creating a diamond scatter pattern or for use in an organic jewellery design that has a rough hammered texture, or natural flowing lines. Many of our designs can be adapted to take any number of stones so you don’t have to worry about wasting any.

Christmas Jewellery Commissions Reusing Gemstones: small diamonds Two Colour Recycled Diamond Trap Ring

Reusing Old Cut Gemstones

You may notice that some old gemstones are cut differently to modern gemstones. Old cut diamonds, or old mine cut diamonds, were individually cut by hand and so each one is unique. This means that they are not always suitable for a very regular, symmetrical design but are perfect for a beautiful organic jewellery design that utilises their individuality.

Christmas Jewellery Commissions Reusing Gemstones recycled old cut diamond aquamarine sapphire bubbles pendant Old Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

Reusing Unusual Shaped Stones

Does your collection include unusual gemstone cuts, such as emerald cut gemstones, pear-shaped gemstones, or princess cut gemstones? These gemstone shapes stand out as very different amongst a collection of small round diamonds. A great way to incorporate these unusual gemstones is to make them the centre piece of the design. Using what makes them different to your advantage can result in a truly striking take on a more classic design.

Platinum Emerald Pave Set Diamond Ring Sapphire Stacking Cocktail Ring Christmas Jewellery Commissions Reusing Gemstones: rubies and diamonds

Mixing Colours

A common question when redesigning old jewellery is which stones to put together and what to leave out. There are a number of ways to approach colour. One approach is to go for a monochrome look. Keeping a design to just one colour, such as all diamond, can put the focus of the design on the metalwork or the pattern of the stones. Another option is to keep your colour palette to similar tones or shades of the same colour, for example putting blues and greens together. Contrasting colours also work really well together, and bright primary colours can be used to create a truly striking effect. One final thing to remember is that diamonds go with everything! So, if in doubt, mix some diamonds with one other colour and the results are guaranteed to be fabulous.

Reusing gemstones to create tonal colour Reusing gemstones to create contrasting colour Bauhaus Eternity RingChristmas Jewellery Commissions Reusing Gemstones: Diamond Sapphire Ring “Bubble” 18ct Gold

Where to start…

The first place to start is the jewellery box, safe or boxes under the bed. Take a look through your existing jewellery collection and think about what you wear and don’t wear. Which stones do you love on their own, and which small stones would you like to use up somehow but need ideas for? The second question to ask yourself is what you want to achieve, are you looking for something for yourself, your partner, a friend or your children. Perhaps you want to commission a matching set, or a set of rings that with eventually be handed down to the next generation. Once you’ve had a think about what you want, check out our handy design ideas pages for inspiration:

Design ideas by what you have

Design ideas by colours you have

Then all you need to do is book an appointment with one of our designers…

Book an online design appointment to discuss your Christmas Jewellery Commissions Reusing Gemstones

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