Ideas By Colours You Have

Do you have old, unworn or inherited jewellery or precious gemstones lying in a drawer or sitting in the attic? If you’re interested in embarking on an unusual, fun, personal and ethical process of redesigning it into new, contemporary, bespoke jewellery then look no further! In this section, we have grouped our collections of bespoke redesigned jewellery by the colours of our clients’ gemstones so you can get inspiration based on what colours you already have. Of course, if you are drawn to a certain gemstone or colour such as blue tanzanites, sapphires or aquamarines, or red rubies, garnets or pink tourmalines, our skilled team can source gems for your new handmade jewellery.

It can be difficult to picture how your gemstones would look set with other gemstones or set in a different metal so we have created this gallery to allow you to explore all the possibilities that redesigning can offer. Our unusual, bespoke jewellery is handmade in our Ditchling workshops in Sussex between London and Brighton and we offer a free design consultation whereby one of our skilled designers can discuss all your options and advise you in how best to remodel what precious gemstones and metals you already have into a stunning, contemporary design.

Starting by what colours appeal to you is a great way to narrow down the endless possibilities when it comes to redesigning old jewellery or starting afresh to create your own unique gemstone ring, bangle, pendant or pair of earrings. If you are attracted to all the colours, why not have a look at our existing designs that incorporate your birthstone for more inspiration. We specialise in working with platinum or 18ct rose, white or yellow gold and it is amazing how versatile these precious metals can be when combined in two or three tone rings or bangles, showcasing stunning craftsmanship and metalwork.


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