Ideas By What You Have

Have you got any old or inherited jewellery lying around that you would never dream of parting with but remain unworn? Commissioning a bespoke piece of jewellery unique to you is a wonderful way to continue a legacy, utilising old jewellery. In addition, it is also an ethical option as it does not involve mining more metals or precious gemstones. Our dedicated team works with your materials and ideas to make unique and unusual designs from your precious memories. Browse here for ideas by what you have to get inspired.

Start the redesigning process and browse by what you have so you can see our bespoke commissioned pieces we handmade with clients’ own old jewellery. Firstly, we carefully assess and document your jewellery before designing something contemporary and unique. Ethical and conscious jewellery is a huge trend in contemporary fashion. You can see this in the ethos of our bespoke jewellery. We recycle precious metals and gemstones into sentimental and invaluable jewellery you will cherish for many years to come.

We cam complement what you have, both existing gemstones or materials, with durable platinum or 18ct yellow, rose or white gold. Furthermore, we can source new gemstones for a personalised and unusual ring, bangle, earrings or pendant. Moreover, our skilled team are dedicated to working within your budget.

If you have a set of gemstone jewellery that you don’t wear, we can convert your pieces into a new set. For example, a matching bangle and ear studs that fashionably accompany each other. Are you still looking for more reasons to redesign your old jewellery into unusual, bespoke and affordable pieces of jewellery? Just browse our collection of commissioned pieces here. Alternatively, book an appointment on 01273 846338 for our free consultation service. The opportunities are endless.

Pop into our gallery for more inspiration and see us handmake your new jewellery in our Ditchling workshops in Sussex


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