Recycled Old Cut Diamond Eternity Ring


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SKU: 14000138


A Recycled Old Cut Diamond Eternity Ring made from recycled 18ct yellow gold. The design which is carved from a thick band of gold or platinum utalises the lovely uneven shapes of  old cut diamonds to give an organic rocky feel. This one is 5-6mm wide though they go up to 10mm. The total carat weight of these 3-5mm diamonds is between 2.5 and 3cts. If you do not have your own diamonds we source them for you from old unfashionable jewellery at auction. They are often sent for recutting into round brilliant cut diamonds but we love them just as they are: real characters!

Bring in your old jewellery for a free hours assessment and talk about ideas for a redesign-old cluster rings and eternity rings are ideal for supplying the diamonds for this ring

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