Handmade Engagement Rings: Why?


As craftsmen, we know why its best to have a handmade engagement ring, but it is a fair question to ask; why?

To answer, firstly we need to know a little about techniques.

Diamond engagement ring

In high street jewellers alot of what you see are castings: that is, a mold is made from a master and molten metal poured in. These can be excellent but of course not unique. Although these are then finished by hand, sometimes it is not possible to get a perfect finish with these.

Truly handmade engagement rings start with a bar or sheet of metal, whether it be platinum or gold and it is simply formed by hand, hammer, mallet and file. Although occasionally annealed (heated to red hot to make it soft again) and soldered at high temerature to make invisible joins, most of the work is done cold.

And of course, never exactly the same…especially important when the diamond being held is so valuable and unique itself. That with our unusual contemporary designs means that your diamond engagement ring is as special as the one you are giving it to.

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