Cliq Fit Hinged Engagement Rings

Cliq Fit Hinged Engagement Rings are the perfect answer if your knuckles are larger than your finger base. Traditional rings have to be large enough to pass over the knuckle. Without Cliq technology, rings are sized for the largest part of your finger, rather than the base, where it is actually worn. That’s why most rings will twist, turn, and slip off. CLIQ technology eliminates the problem by opening and closing around the base of your finger, in the perfect position.

The Cliq fit technology can be fitted to any Pruden and Smith engagement ring design in 18ct gold or platinum. The band width must be a minimum of 3mm wide and 2mm thick.


Cliq Fit Hinged Engagement Rings

Cliq’s hinge and latch design is virtually invisible and snag-free- an exquisite combination of micro-engineering and a jeweler’s design artistry. Cliq adds the ability to open and close, but won’t sacrifice the smooth look and feel of precious metal and will blend seamlessly into any design.

You’ll hear it. That comforting “click” that tells you your ring is securely closed. To activate the mechanism, simply press the “dimple” with the precision stylus. Cliq is designed for ease of use and without snagging your clothing, catching on your hosiery or chipping your nails. Durable enough for everyday use, Cliq comes with a five-year guarantee.

bespoke hinged engagement rings

We can also redesign your old engagement ring using a Cliq fit band.

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