Scrap Gold Service Sussex

At Pruden and Smith we give you the best prices for your scrap gold when you use our Scrap Gold Service Sussex. Because we melt and re-cycle the gold we buy in-house, we can offer some of the best rates in Mid-Sussex, especially serving the Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath & surrounding areas. As a guide this is 80-90% of the world gold price fix for that day, depending on hallmarks and quantity.

Sell your old jewellery and silverware using our scrap gold service:

With the impact of Brexit gold prices are going up fast. If you are considering selling your scrap silver gold or platinum then bring it in to our team of experts working within our scrap gold service. They will test and sort your precious metal for your and give you a detailed statement of what you have. We buy all precious metals in any carat: platinum, gold, silver and palladium. The jewellery will be intact at this stage so if it contains any stones this will be an estimate. If you like the approximate quote we go ahead and remove the stones or watch faces and issue an accurate quote based on the gold price at that minute. At this stage you can choose to wait for a higher rate or decide that the rate is already high enough for you. This is how we make sure that you will get a good rate for you scrap gold.

Why not remodel your old jewellery?…

Rather than just taking cash for your old jewellery in our scrap gold service an exciting and cost-effective way to treat yourself to the best in contemporary design is to reuse it. We specialise in designing exciting pieces of jewellery using the gold, platinum, diamonds and precious gemstones from your inherited jewellery. There are several steps in the process:
• Be inspired by the stunning designs in silver, gold and platinum in our gallery and on our website: the best of hundreds of commissions made over the last three decades in our Ditchling workshops.
Book a free design consultation and workshop tour with designer Rebecca Smith.
• Leave your existing jewellery for the materials to be carefully assessed and documented.
• On design approval, a 50% deposit begins the making process starting with dismantling your old jewellery.
• On collection, unused materials are returned and either the balance is paid to us or, if there is credited scrap metal, to you!

With the high price of precious metals it is always worth recycling them.

As we can melt and re-use these your scrap precious metal you can be sure that you are getting a good price for it. And its good for the environment – lessening the demand for damaging new mining activity.

Scrap Gold Service SussexScrap Gold Service SussexScrap Gold Service Sussex

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