Bespoke Services

At Pruden and Smith, we take pride in our extensive range of bespoke services that we offer. Our bespoke commissioning service allows you to redesign your old jewellery or start from scratch. Therefore, the result will always be personalised, hand-crafted and unique to you. This gallery showcases a range of our bespoke commissions and our signature unusual and contemporary style. Furthermore, we made many of these unique designs using our clients’ own stones and metal from inherited jewellery of sentimental value. However, these are just a sample of what we can do – we are always happy to work with your ideas.

How It Works

Our bespoke services allow you to create new pieces from your precious memories. Moreover, this is an exciting and cost-effective way to treat yourself to the best in contemporary design. Firstly, book a free consultation with our designer Rebecca Smith. Then, we will carefully assess and document your metal and stones, leaving the pieces intact. Next, we create a plan highlighting the elements most important to you with our recommendations, designs and costs.

See us make your new jewellery in our Ditchling workshops. Any unused materials are returned to you. Furthermore, we can credit unwanted metal towards the making cost of your new bespoke piece. Finally, we revalue your beautiful new jewellery and its ready to wear.

Browse for inspiration here based on what colours you have or what ideas you have for your new jewellery. Alternatively, pop into our Ditchling workshops and gallery for more inspiration.


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