Ideas: Diamond Rings

Our unusual, bespoke diamond rings use client’s own diamonds, often inherited or unworn due to not fitting or suiting their taste. We combine your diamonds with platinum, 18ct yellow, rose, or white gold to create beautiful new diamond rings. As well as holding a precious legacy and sentimental value unique to you, these rings shine with a modern touch. If you want to redesign your old jewellery, why not browse our compilation of unusual ideas of diamond rings.

Remaking your old jewellery is a beautiful way to give a new lease of life to your old diamonds. We create unusual, bespoke and unique diamond rings that will last a lifetime along with your precious memories. Our skilled team can help you through the process of making your bespoke diamond ring. We offer a free design consultation where our designers will test your diamonds and advise you on all aspects of your new ring. Furthermore, you can see the workshops where we will handmake your jewellery in our Ditchling workshops and gallery.

Rough Cut Diamonds

Our unusual designs utilise the interesting uneven shapes of recycled old cut or rough cut diamonds. This gives an organic feel to our eternity or stacking rings. Diamond stacking rings are a fun option to recycle smaller diamonds into a stunning unique combination of diamond rings. Firstly, choose to either separate them with multiple bands that slot together. As a result, these also have the freedom of standing alone. Alternatively, we can fix together a set of stacking rings that you can enjoy every day.

For a contemporary twist, why not combine 18ct yellow gold with silver for a two-colour diamond stacking ring? If you don’t have your own diamonds, we can source recycled old cut diamonds or modern round brilliants for you. For more inspiration, browse our current diamond rings at our Ditchling workshop. Alternatively, book a free consultation with our designers to discuss ideas of diamond rings unique to you at 01273 846338.


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