Ideas: Old Cut Diamonds

In our Pruden and Smith workshops we specialise in redesigning bespoke jewellery with old cut diamonds and rough cut diamonds. Our bespoke handmade jewellery incorporates an unusual and organic feel with more natural, rough shaped diamonds. Next, we combine innovative contemporary design to create unique pieces that stunningly showcase the natural beauty of the diamonds. Browse here for ideas of old cut diamonds for your handmade, personalised jewellery.

Old cut diamonds are rare and unique as each is slightly different reflecting the level of craftsmanship and skill of the diamond cutters. Consequently, this gives each stone its own character which makes them boom in fashion trends. Nowadays, many people value and favour the special and personal feel of rough cut diamonds over modern laser cut diamonds. The uneven and diverse shapes of old cut diamonds create their own look that is always interesting.


Our skilled team of experts can give a new lease of life to your old antique diamonds, whether inherited or outdated. In addition, this creative and unusual process results in organic diamond jewellery that you can wear and enjoy every day. Our collection of old cut diamond jewellery features rocky mine cut diamonds that we regroup into gold multi-diamond dress rings. Alternatively, we can remount diamonds in 18ct yellow gold in one of our “nugget collection” rings.

Not only does this creative and innovative process create unusual diamond jewellery, it is also a great ethical option you don’t require more mined diamonds. We prefer to work in platinum and 18ct yellow, rose and white gold for their durability. Furthermore, we can even recycle and use your old metals with sentimental value for a unique, sentimental piece. Choose from ideas of old cut diamond rings, bangles, pendants or earrings showcasing the latest in contemporary design. If you don’t have your own old cut diamonds, we can source some recycled mine cut diamonds for you for an ethical choice.

Book an appointment now by contacting our designers or pop into our workshop and gallery in Ditchling for more inspiration.


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