Ideas: Small Mixed Gemstones

Wondering what to do with a collection of small precious gemstones? Whether you have rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanites or tourmalines, the possibilities are endless. Our bespoke, unusual precious gemstone jewellery fuses innovative contemporary design with an ethical ethos of recycling your old jewellery. Additionally, we honour the precious legacy of your old jewellery to create beautiful, sentimental pieces unique to you. Browse jewellery ideas of small mixed gemstones for more inspiration.


If you are looking for jewellery ideas for small mixed gemstones, we have so many designs to inspire you. Flush set smaller gemstones in a contemporary scatter pattern ring or alternatively, incorporate your gems into a bubbles cluster ring. Both these designs show off a stunning array of colours and gemstones in an organic and unusual design.

Alternatively, if you’re after a more geometric look, see our art deco influenced Square Gems Stacking Ring. This showcases orange, pink, blue and purple sapphires with peridot and purple and green amethyst in a contemporary, modern design. Small mixed gemstones can be a colourful, fun element to any contemporary design. Why not scatter your favourite gemstones in a wide cuff wave bangle for a shimmering and eye-catching touch. Alternatively, we can set inherited gemstones in a unique nugget pendant to remind you of your loved ones. We have many collections of unusual, bespoke, precious gemstone jewellery.

We prefer to work in platinum, 18ct yellow, rose and white gold for their durable properties on site in our Ditchling workshops. Furthermore, we can also recycle your existing pieces of jewellery with unwanted precious metals of no sentimental value. Then, we can credit this towards the making cost, for an affordable option within your budget. Our skilful staff can help advise you in our free consultation service where you can bring us your inherited or unworn jewellery and discuss your ideas.

Book an appointment now by contacting our designers or pop into our workshop and gallery in Ditchling for more inspiration.


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