Diamond jewellery

Diamonds are the hardest and brightest of the gemstones we use and our diamond jewellery is designed to show them off at their most brilliant. Rings not shown here and you will find them under the category “Rings”. Here you will find unusual diamond necklaces, pendants, bracelets, bangles, brooches, earstuds and earrings. From small ’10 pointers’ pave set in their hundreds into a surface to give it an intangible glitter to large 2ct stunning solitaire ‘rocks’. We work them all into our luscious contemporary designs. Every stone has its own character so we like to show you a variety within your budget at no obligation. Just make an appointment! Buying a diamond can be difficult, our skilled staff can talk you through exactly what each attribute listed on your certificate means and advise on how to buy the best value diamond for your budget. Diamonds are graded by colour and clarity but the quality of the cut, which you pay no more for is also one of the most important attributes your diamond has. It is the cut which perfectly angles the facets on the back of the diamond to refract the light entering the table of the gem back out through it. It is this perfect cut that gives a diamond it’s brilliance. All our larger stones are supplied with GIA certificates which is the strictest diamond grading system in the world, they also grade the cutting quality and finish of the diamond. Like no other certifying body they ensure that your diamond is exactly what it says on the certificate.
If glitter is not what you are after then we also use rough diamonds in our diamond jewellery. The come in colours from white to champagne to brown and have an interesting shape that lends an organic feel to the jewellery that they inspire. They are mostly listed under “Stacking Rings”.


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