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Are you searching for personalised, beautiful gift ideas for your loved ones that incorporate quality craftsmanship and design? Here at Pruden and Smith, we handmake our unusual and contemporary jewellery and silverware to showcase expert metalwork and creativity. Browse our collection of gift ideas for the special people in your life for something truly memorable they will cherish.

Jewellery is a classic gift idea that has existed throughout history. Consequently, it remains hugely popular and we make jewellery to suit all occasions. Our diverse collections of handmade contemporary jewellery include something to suit every taste, and every budget. Firstly, a great option for jewellery gifting is birthstone jewellery. This gives your gift an extra special, personalised significance.

Alternatively, if you want to ensure the receiver really appreciates your gift, why not buy them a gift card? Indeed, jewellery gift cards are a wonderful present as they allow freedom to choose something perfect for them. This way, your gift will always be perfect!

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for the special men in your life, have you considered jewellery? Although you may not have considered it before, men’s jewellery is increasingly popular and for good reason. Our silver torc bangles are contemporary and sophisticated and suit everyone due to their stunning simplicity. However, if you’re looking for something more adventurous, we have a range of metalwork finishes that create truly unique bangles. For example, brushed silver with a matt effect, or peened silver with hammer marks work beautifully in men’s jewellery.

Handmade silverware is a timeless and unique gift, hard to find on the high street and even more special. Furthermore, our long history and legacy of silverware ranges mean that any silverware gift you buy will have a great significance.

For more Gift Ideas, pop into our Ditchling workshops and gallery in Sussex or contact our designers to enquire for something special


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