30th Wedding Anniversary Pearl Jewellery

Congratulations if you have made it to 30 years together! It’s your pearl wedding anniversary. You have probably already purchased a number of pearl jewellery pieces over the years so for your 30th wedding anniversary your pearl jewellery gift needs to be extra special! At Pruden and Smith we create one off special pieces especially for you, so have a look through our collection to be inspired. We work with a number of pearl dealers who know that we are always on the lookout for high quality unusual pearls. We specialise in fresh water pearls sized over 12mm, from perfect high lustre large rounds to organically shaped baroques.

20mm champagne silver keshi pearl necklace

Of course we also source the perfectly round tiny Akoya pearls and giant Tahitians for some of our more formal pieces. This unusual sea themed pearl anniversary ring features a 12mm round natural black Tahitian pearl. Tahitian pearls are the diamonds of the pearl world, the only naturally occuring black and silver grey coloured pearls.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gold Jewellery50th wedding anniversary pearl ring

The tiny salt water oyster that grows the Akoya pearl, usually with an ivory colour, takes it time and coats the pearl with exceptionally high quality layers of translucent nacre giving these perfect 3mm to 7mm round pearls an extraordinary lustre. We love to string them with a contemporary random pattern rather than the traditional tapered necklace form.


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