40th Wedding Anniversary Ruby Jewellery

Congratulations on coming up to your 40th wedding anniversary! If you are looking for extra special ruby jewellery to mark it then take a browse through this section to get some ideas. All our jewellery is bespoke, made especially for you. The creation of 40th wedding anniversary ruby jewellery always starts with sourcing the perfect ruby for you. We have a number of trusted suppliers from FairTrade to Family run businesses sourcing rubies in ShriLanka, Thailand or Mozambique.

Rubies come in so many shades of red, from pinks through to a rich red wine colour. The most familiar colour is likely “pigeon blood” the name for the bright red vermillion shade. Usually transparent and faceted at the high end, the more opaque variety cut as a cabochon can also look spectacular along those known as “star” rubies, where you see a star shape sparkling within the gemstone.

We also have a highly contemporary take on the traditional ruby wedding anniversary gift: Ruby zoisite. A stunning mix of bright green zoisite with flashes of pinkish red ruby crystals running through it which we cut to look as if naturally found in it’s rough form. Cut into necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings.

Enjoy designing and commissioning your 40th wedding anniversary ruby jewellery with us!


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