All our designs come with a story and our nugget jewellery collection has a great one: When we started our workshops in Ditchling in 1988 we were making a lot of large silverware commissions for the church and also some contemporary ranges of silverware for Harrods, Fortnum and Mason and Mappin and Webb amongst others. It generated a lot of scrap silver. Rather than sell this scrap we experimented with different products that might use it up. We developed a ‘loose cast’ technique to make the scrap into beads. The real breakthrough was developing a technique that made holes in them whilst still molten as drilling them always broke the drill bits. This was the birth of our highly successful “Nugget” jewellery collection which is still evolving after 20 years.
Our hearts and charm collection was developed to combine with the Nugget jewellery collection. The Nugget or peened hearts, tear-drops and card charms along with different gemstone pendants can be added to the existing bracelets and necklaces from the nugget range to create interesting and versatile pieces that can be worn in a number of different ways.
Hammer-work has always been our primary skill as Silversmiths and you will notice that this skill combined with traditional jewellery-making skills influences the look of our jewellery. We like to use a generous amount of silver, gold or platinum to emphasise the form of the metal which is raised or forged into interesting forms to take an array of uniquely sourced gemstones and diamonds. For examples of this take a look at our “Forged” and “Spiky” jewellery collections and the “Side-hammered” wedding rings. To maximise the originality of our designs we also work with a stone cutter to create specially cut stones such as lapis lazuli and labradorite that combine well with our hammer-work techniques that we bring to jewellery making.


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