Hearts and Charms Jewelllery

If you’re looking for the perfect gift our “Hearts and Charms” collection or “Nugget Range” suits any budget with prices from £40 to £2000. Using repeated motifs such as the “Nugget Hearts”, “Peened Teardrops”, “Peened Hearts” and “Card Charms” and combining them with our famous gold and silver nugget beads and semiprecious gemstones into a fun and elegant range of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
The Nugget Hearts are 10mm and have the same finish as the nugget range. This finish is called “Reticulation”. Reticulation happens as the molten surface of silver shrinks as it cools. The shrinking leaves an interesting rough matt surface that gives the nugget beads their organic, “found” look.
The peened hearts come in five sizes from 40mm down to 6mm and the peened teardrops in two sizes 15mm and 10mm. The peened finish is an intensely hammered surface made using a tiny hammer with a ball shaped end. It lends an interesting surface to a simple shape whilst increasing the “glitter” of the polished surface. The “card charms” also have this finish. The collection combines hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs of a deck of cards and a tiny dice into fun pendants, earrings and opera length necklaces.


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