Silver Nugget Jewellery

Our silver nugget jewellery range is a classic, timeless and hugely popular collection that our customers have returned to for years. The elegant simplicity of the silver nugget beads means that we can combine them with any gemstone and any design. Indeed, this hugely versatile range includes gemstone and silver nugget rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and bangles. Therefore, you’ll see both luxurious jewellery for special occasions as well as stunning classics you can enjoy every day. Silver nugget jewellery is a contemporary and beautiful look, browse here to see how diverse this range is.

Silver nugget jewellery suits all styles and all occasions as it exudes sophistication and can work with all colours. Therefore, this makes it a great option for gift buying as people of all ages can enjoy our nugget range. For example, our nugget teardrop bracelets are wonderful gifts for birthdays. Furthermore, our diamond set silver nugget rings and earrings make for stunning, memorable gifts.  In addition, our small beaded nugget rings are great gift options for all ages as they are classic yet adaptable. Their simple sophistication and delicate look make them great for birthday gifts such as 18th or 21st birthdays. Indeed, if you’ve never considered wearing both silver and gold, why not see how good the two metals look together?

We love combining silver nuggets with pearls to enhance the shiny lustre of this combination. Alternatively, if you love a certain gemstone, we are bound to have a nugget range which features it. Pop into our Ditchling workshops where we handmake each individual silver nugget and browse our gallery for our latest nugget designs.


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