Rough Cut

This collection features specially “rough cut” gemstones. Rough cut does not mean that the gemstone has not been cut. The gemstones will have an organic look as if they have been found that way or are naturally occurring. This is a created look. We select good quality gemstone raw material paying special attention to the colour and beauty of the inclusions. Our cutter first “cleaves” the raw material into thin sheets and examines the quality of the surface that has been created to check that it is attractive. The shape that we require for the necklace, ring pendant, earrings or bracelet is then cut from this sheet and the sides and back are polished. This ensures that the gemstone does not feel rough on the skin and sits neatly in the metalwork setting. Usually the front surface does not need any further cutting just a lot of care in the making to avaoid damaging it. With translucent stones such as the rough diamonds the rough surface is slightly smoothed off or randomly faceted to enhance it’s natural features. Using these specially rough cut gemstones gives these designs have a unique contemporary feel. We set them in hammered matt finish silver, platinum or gold to enhance their found look. Here you will find rough cut diamonds, rubies, emeralds, lapis lazuli, sapphire, labradorite and amethyst. Druzy rings, necklaces, pendants, cufflinks and bracelets. We also have a collection of 2000 year old nimroz glass that has been rough cut.


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