Spiky Jewellery Collection

Once in a while we come up with a design that becomes so successful, it takes center stage. The ‘Spiky’ range is one of those. The rings fit together with a dynamic result; each one unique. Round wire is forged, filed and formed to tapers that are curved into a variety of shapes to fit the settings for the exciting gemstones and diamonds of your choice.

Pendants, cuff bracelets and earring designs have recently been added to this constantly evolving range. Made in platinum, gold and silver to order they are perfect as wedding, engagement and eternity sets in diamond or as a fun dress ring combining other precious stones.

Pictured are a 1ct diamond and platinum inwards spiky ring with a diamond eternity ring and the outwards spiky ring with a 0.5ct diamond and matching wishbone wedding band. See our website or visit the gallery to see more examples to inspire you.


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