A necklace is often the most visible piece of jewellery that you will wear. The much loved and lived in necklaces that you never take off. The necklaces you put on to make you feel gorgeous on important occasions. The necklaces you give as a gift to make another feel really special. Their proximity to the face means it’s important that whatever the design, it is as unique as you are. For this reason we love to be really creative and generate a stream of diverse designs. We know when we make an unusual necklace that it’s owner will be out their somewhere, it’s just a matter of bringing them together.

Necklaces to look out for:

The “Tab” necklace is as grand as an Egyptian collar. We combine rough cut lapis lazuli, labradorite, emerald with hammered veins of silver and gold.

The 20mm keshi pearl necklace. These unusual flat pearls are combined with brushed finish silver discs and finished with a magnetic ball catch.

Our nugget collection has hundreds of variations on a theme. Each of these designs can be worn day and night. Dressed up or dressed down they respond to the occasion and can always be relied on to look their best. The latest version that we call the “Random” look mixes the different sizes in no particular order. Combining silver, 9ct gold, pearls and faceted semi precious beads of peridot, topaz and iolite they can be reinvented time and time again.


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