If you want to add an extra special, personal touch to your handmade contemporary jewellery, why not add an engraving? Browse here for examples of both lettering and pictorial engraving that shows the beauty of doing this work by hand. Machine or modern laser cutting cannot replicate either this beauty or the lasting depth of the cutting. Browse our range of engraved rings and cufflinks for inspiration for gift ideas.

Hand Engraving

Engravers can apply hand engraving to almost any precious metal item from the inside of a tiny ring to the largest trophy. At Pruden and Smith, our engraving is done by hand using a graver. We use the graver to cut away the metal leaving a visible mark. We use a style of script which engravers developed over centuries to best show off the mark the graver leaves. When perfect, the cut left by the graver will reflect the light and enhance the look of the lettering or picture. Metalwork with a hammered finish, featuring in many of our contemporary ranges, looks fantastic when we engrave it. Furthermore, we recommend either “Engravers Script” or “Roman” lettering for a classic and beautiful style.

Reverse Seal Engraving

Engravers often employ this form of engraving on signet rings. This is because they use them to produce an impression on sealing wax. Engravers do this by hand and not by laser. Consequently, this enhances the detailing on the background with the angling of the engravers tool in the same way that the lettering is enhanced. Reverse seal engraving also cuts deeper for a more defined impression and is more resistant to wear over the years that you wear the ring.


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