Cluster rings

Our cluster rings are a wonderful addition to any jewellery collection, wear them on special occasions or enjoy every day. Incorporating many small diamonds “clustered” around a special central diamond or gemstone, these fabulous cluster rings are a real statement.

Traditionally, the supporting structure to the top of the ring is an opportunity for a jewellery maker to display their skill. However, the wearer is usually the only one who can see the sides of the ring. Furthermore, we love this unusual look for its eye-catching and stunning style. However, if you need the cluster ring to sit next to a wedding ring as an engagement ring or want a less bulky ring, we suggest omitting this structure.

Cluster Ring Designs

Most cluster rings are symmetrical and are circular or square shaped. Additionally, the central stones in cluster rings tend to be round cut, princess cut or oval. However, we can incorporate any of your favourite diamond cuts or gemstones into our unusual designs.

Our unusual and contemporary designs include offset cluster rings which we set in swirls or bubbles. Moreover, these freeform, unusual designs evoke an organic feel which is great for nature lovers or creative minds. Alternatively, if vintage styles catch your attention, browse our vintage cluster rings. Our clients commissioned all our bespoke rings in unique, interesting designs that each hold personal significance. Our new Domed Scatter ring is a really fun contemporary take on the style that does not require a centre stone.

We handmake all our unusual jewellery in our Ditchling workshops in platinum or 18ct rose, white or yellow gold. Furthermore, a cluster ring is also a great way of reusing an inherited engagement ring or dress ring. For example, they can provide the centre stone along with an eternity ring to provide the stones for the surround. Call in to our Ditchling workshops in Sussex and commission one today!


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