Bubbles Rings

Our bubbles rings range incorporates diamonds and precious gemstones in a bubbly, grouped setting with an organic and natural feel. Indeed, this beautiful style is a wonderful option for grouping small circular gemstones. Firstly, it draws attention to the rounded shapes that give the ring a soft, natural feel. Furthermore, this makes your favourite colour palette stand out as we can incorporate any of your favourite, colourful precious gemstones.

However, whilst our bubbles rings stand out with their unusual and contemporary look, they are also an incredibly diverse style. For example, if you prefer a delicate look, we can set gemstones in a single wave on a thin band. Alternatively, we also offer large cuff ring designs or wide bands whilst still setting the gemstones in a ‘bubbles’ cluster. Additionally, our bubbles range works beautifully as stacking rings which fit together in a unique pattern: a fun, creative option.

We handmake all our unusual bubbles rings in our Ditchling workshops using all precious metals: platinum, 18ct gold and silver. If you prefer a neat, polished finish we can give a more uniform or structured form to your ring. However, we can also incorporate rough cut gemstones and hammered effects to compliment the organic form of the rig. Indeed, if you don’t see exactly what you like online or in-store, you can commission your own bespoke bubbles ring. Furthermore, we can incorporate your own inherited or unused gemstones and metals into your piece.


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