Nugget Rings

Our nugget ring design is immensely popular, and our new range incorporates our beloved nugget beads into many different styles. Indeed, if you’re looking for something unique and unusual, our nugget rings are a wonderful option. For example, we have large beaded nugget rings as well as delicate thinner and smaller beads to suit all tastes.

History of the Nugget Range

When we started our workshops in Ditchling in 1988, we were making a lot of large silverware commissions for the church and other commercial silverware. Consequently, we generated a lot of scrap silver. Rather than sell this scrap we experimented with different products that might use it up. We developed a ‘loose cast’ technique to make the scrap into beads. The real breakthrough was developing a technique that made holes in them whilst still molten as drilling them always broke the drill bits. This was the birth of our highly successful “Nugget” jewellery collection which is still evolving after 20 years.

Our nugget rings are the latest addition to our nugget range jewellery. Furthermore, we have developed it by incorporating precious gemstones and diamonds into the rings to make them truly sparkle. Indeed, if you have a favourite gemstone, such as aquamarine, ruby, sapphire or any otgher, we can incorporate it into a nugget ring unique to you.

We handmake all our nugget rings in our Dichling workshops using all precious metals. Whilst silver is the most popular in our nugget range, why not incorporate a gold nugget ring for something unusual to emphasise the organic and natural feel?


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