Rough Cut Rings

Are you looking for an unusual, contemporary and interesting ring that will truly stand out? If so, why not browse our stunning selection of rough cut rings? Rough cut gemstones are becoming increasingly popular and we love incorporating them into many of our designs. Their rugged and found quality gives our jewellery a unique and organic feel that you won’t find anywhere on the high street.

Firstly, rough cut gemstones have an interesting look as each stone is unique and hand cut individually. Therefore, you can rest assured that your ring will be one of a kind. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still create a stunning and sophisticated ring in a more classic design. Either way, incorporating a rough cut gemstone will give it a contemporary twist.

Choose from some of our favourite rough cut ring designs including our stacking rings featuring tanzanite, aquamarine, amethyst and peridot. Alternatively, whilst these are bulkier and can stand alone, we also offer dainty and delicate rough diamond stacking rings. These have a thin band and because of their delicate size you can stack multiple together which slot into place.

We handmake all our rings in our Ditchling workshops in all precious metals: platinum, gold and silver. Furthermore, if you’re thinking about commissioning your own rin, why not choose an interesting metal such as rose gold. In addition, we can leave hammer marks into our designs giving the an even more rugged and natural feel. Consequently, this works brilliantly with rough cut gemstones.


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