Side Hammered Rings

Our side hammered rings showcase our creative and innovative craftsmanship, and can be enjoyed every day and make lovely gifts. We create this unusual look by hammering the side of the ring to create a wavy effect on the band. Furthermore, as these rings can stand alone in a simple yet contemporary design, they are also popular in men’s jewellery. Consequently, our side hammered rings have experienced huge popularity and you can browse some of our unusual designs here.

Firstly, choose a precious metal you would like your side hammered ring to feature. We handmake all our rings in our Ditchling workshops in platinum, 18ct gold and silver. Therefore, this ensures the best colour and durability for a unique ring that you can enjoy on all occasions. Currently, rose gold is experiencing great popularity and the beautiful pink and copper tones look wonderful side hammered.

Another option for your handmade side hammered ring is to consider incorporating gemstones into the band. For example, we set small diamonds across the band to create a side hammered eternity ring. Alternatively, you can scatter small gemstones of your choice such as aquamarines, sapphires or rubies.

In addition, we offer a variety of different polishing finishes such as matt, brushed or polished. Our brushed finish is applied at the end of the ring making process and gives the ring a lovely, organic feel. Furthermore, this is popular for men’s jewellery with less of a sparkle but is equally unique and interesting in women’s jewellery.


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