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Are you looking for a personalised, unusual and contemporary engagement ring that is unique to you? Here at Pruden and Smith we handmake all collections of bespoke diamond engagement rings in our Ditchling workshops in Sussex. Whether you already have some ideas of what you want, or you’re just starting, browse by diamond shape for inspiration. Alternatively, you can browse by engagement ring collection if you like the look of a certain range.

Our rings uniquely express your style. Indeed, we can personalise your engagement ring to symbolise the special bond between you and your partner. Do you prefer more traditional designs with a round diamond, or our unique Moi et Toi range set with pear shaped diamonds? The possibilities are endless, just browse by diamond shape for ideas.

Traditional engagement ring styles often favour round brilliant cut diamonds and many of our bespoke designs reflect this timeless trend. Another popular, modern style is the princess cut which works well in all varieties of settings including angular, geometric designs. Also, square princess cut diamonds look stunning in our sleek, elegant flat twist setting.

We offer endless contemporary and unusual alternatives to the classic traditional styles.

To step away from the traditional for a truly unique engagement ring, browse our other shaped diamond engagement rings for contemporary and interesting designs. Our vintage style engagement rings often incorporate beautiful marquise diamonds that highlight the unusual, distinctive and interesting shape of the stone. Moreover, emerald cut diamond engagement rings are experiencing a significant revival as the cut draws attention to the diamond’s shine.

We prefer to work with platinum or 18ct gold (rose, white, yellow) for their durable properties. Our unique two-toned designs create truly stunning, fashionable engagement rings that will stand out.

Contact our designers now to book a free design consultation and have your diamond engagement ring handmade and delivered in four weeks


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