Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval diamond engagement rings radiate elegance. Although oval diamonds are essentially elongated versions of the round brilliant cut, this shape has huge appeal. Are you looking for an unusual, different design that will stand out from traditional engagement rings? In that case, browse our contemporary collection of bespoke oval diamond engagement rings. The unique look of oval diamonds is romantic and classic.

Many people are attracted to oval diamonds for their cut which makes them look larger than a round diamond. Indeed, oval cuts waste less precious rough material compared to round brilliant cuts. The romantic curves of the stone are another aspect that make this style lasting and beloved. They symbolise the longevity of your relationship and are inherently romantic. Furthermore, their shape complements a wide range of hand shapes and sizes.

We handmake all our engagement rings in our Ditchling workshops in platinum or 18ct rose, white or yellow gold. If you like older, vintage styles, have you considered using a coloured metal? Rose gold or yellow gold beautifully complements oval cut diamonds and give them a vintage feel. Alternatively, two tone rings give a contemporary and modern twist to an engagement ring, and an oval diamond looks stunning in the middle. The unique and unusual look of oval diamond rings gives you endless possibilities to get creative with designs.

The term oval derives from the latin words ov or ovum, meaning egg. For some, this shape represents fertility and rebirth. An oval diamond can be a beautiful symbol to begin a new life together. Furthermore, the shape is great for creative minds who think outside the box as it is neither a perfect circle or an angular square.

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