Signet rings

We make our quality heavyweight solid signet rings to order in any precious metal:silver 9ct or 18ct white, rose or yellow gold and platinum. There is a range of shapes, sizes and weights to choose from, if you don’t see what you would like pictured email us with your requirements for a quote. We can also copy, incorporate old metal of sentimental value in a new piece or rebuild a much loved but worn signet ring to last for many more years years to come. Hand seal engraving is a highly skilled and finely detailed form of engraving. It is traditional for family crests or coats of arms to be ‘reverse’ engraved on signet rings but if you have an idea for an alternative unique design then we can produce the final artwork from your suggestions. The reverse engraved crest can then produce seal impressions in wax for sealing letters, agreements, contracts and wills. If you would prefer to see your design the right way round on the ring and do not wish to produce a wax seal it can be engraved for ‘sight’ rather than a seal. This is a little less deep & less expensive.

Our service entails firstly a consultation to discuss your requirements. At this stage we show examples of the level of detail for the crest. There are several traditional levels of this. Then comes the design and making of the ring itself, in silver gold or platinum. When this is complete we use one of the best engravers in the world (he has worked on the Wimbledon trophies) to engrave your family crest. With the completed ring comes your very own wax impression. You can also have lettering engraved onto signet rings, very often, initials. This works very well as a monogram. These are letters entwined together and we can advise if yours work well in this way.


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