Trilogy Rings Multi Stone Rings

Our broad selection of contemporary, unusual and modern trilogy rings and multi stone rings offer something to suit every taste. Trilogy rings feature three diamonds, sapphires or any other precious gemstones of your choice. Furthermore, they uniquely express your style. Multi-stone rings can have a mix of any of the above with a central gemstone or scattered in a stacking ring setting.

Symbolism of Trilogy Rings

The beauty of the trilogy ring is that each ring’s significance is unique to the wearer in their own individual way. Do you have something special you want to commemorate? Each of the gemstones can symbolise something meaningful to create a ring with truly sentimental value. Furthermore, trilogy rings are a classic and timeless style popular for their symbolism. For example, many trilogy rings can represent a family, children or grandchildren. Alternatively, a common theme among trilogy rings is Past, Present, Future. Here, each gemstone represents the important moments of your life.

For an unusual and contemporary twist, why not use alternating cut diamonds in a multi-stone ring? This playfully incorporates round brilliant cut diamonds next to square princess cut diamonds to create a unique, modern multi-stone ring. Alternatively, using a stunning brightly coloured gemstone such as an emerald or an aquamarine as the central stone in a trilogy ring is a great way to draw attention to a sentimental gemstone and commemorate your special loved ones or memories.

Do you already have existing gemstones that you want to incorporate into a unique and unusual bespoke multi stone ring? If so, take advantage of our free consultation service with our designers Rebecca or Suzy. We can assess your stones and offer you advice for your redesign visions, and work within your budget. Alternatively, if there is something special you’re searching for, such as a precious gemstone unique to you like a ruby, sapphire or tanzanite (July, September and December birthstones), we can source the gems for you. Book your appointment now or visit our Ditchling gallery and workshops for our latest multi-stone and trilogy rings.


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