Diamond Set

Diamond Set Wedding Rings Partnership Rings. A wedding band these days does not need to be a simple band of precious metal, it can be set with diamonds to give it that extra sparkle. Diamonds are ideal for this because of their hardness but we can also incorporate other coloured gemstones. Aquamarine or pink sapphire make a subtle combination, where sapphire or ruby a more striking contrast. Your wedding ring can have stones set all the way around the band but we also make them with a 60% or 40% spread. Both appear as a full spread of gemstones from the front. Our designers can suggest what will look best with your existing engagement ring and also make sure that the new ring will not cause any damage or be damaged by your existing ring. We use several setting styles for our diamond set wedding rings. A rub-over setting surrounds a stone emphasising it’s shape. Our new collection utilises this effect by mixing different shapes such as an alternating princess cut diamond with a round brilliant cut. A claw set eternity ring creates an eternity ring that appears to be made of only diamonds or the gemstones that they are mixed with. Channel setting creates a linear look to the diamonds with a metal edge emphasising this. It is now popular to “flush set” diamonds into a band of your choice. We do this in a number of designs from evenly spaced to scatter generously around the ring using up to one hundred gemstones. Wedding rings can be made in any precious metal. Our handmade wedding rings and civil partnership rings will remind you of your wedding day and the special bond that you share with your partner for the rest of your life. Once you have chosen the design of your partnership rings for your wedding day we make them for you in our Ditchling workshops in Sussex. Please allow four weeks. Working in all precious metals: platinum, 18ct and 9ct gold in white, rose and yellow we can match your wedding ring to your existing engagement ring so that both compliment each other perfectly. This is the advantage of the handmade ring. You will also want your rings to express both of your design senses and personality. If you want to step away from the traditional we have plenty of unusual diamond set wedding ring ideas for you to choose from. We can combine colours of gold to give a variety if mixed metal patterns. We can hammer your bands in many different ways to give them texture or an organic form. (see our “side hammered” rings with flush set stones)


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