Plain Gold & Platinum Rings

Choosing a wedding ring or pair of wedding rings is an important decision. You will wear them for the rest of your life. We make our plain gold & platinum rings to last a lifetime. Handmade in our Ditchling workshops in Sussex, we guarantee a perfect comfort fit.

Firstly, you can choose from a wide range of shapes, weights and styles. Then, you can personalise your ring by adding one of our special finishes. In addition, you can even include an engraved secret message. Each ring has a specially curved under surface whatever the top profile is. This increases the comfort of the ring. It also allows us to make it in a thicker gauge of metal without it feeling bulky to wear. This ensures that it will last a lifetime of wear because believe it or not even metal wears with time. If we made you engagement ring remember to ask for your 10% off your pair of wedding or partnership bands.

Popular Shapes for Plain Gold & Platinum Rings

Court wedding rings: This is a curved top and inside. It can be a high domed shape or a flatter curve.

Flat comfort fit wedding bands: These rings appear flat on top but have a curved underside to increase the comfort of the ring on the finger.

Oval wedding rings: These are similar to the court ring but have a curved rather than a flat side.

Flat wedding rings: These are like the flat comfort fit wedding rings but with a flat inner surface.

D-Section wedding rings: These look like a court wedding ring but have a flat inner surface.


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