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Which white precious metal?

Which white precious metal should you choose for your jewellery? In the high street all white gold, platinum and palladium rings are rhodium plated to make them look the same colour in the display widow. However rhodium plating is a temporary finish and especially on rings where they rub against things daily, it will wear […]

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Platinum Wedding Rings

At Pruden and Smith we feel that we cater for everyone. Platinum is so popular these days, due to it’s hard wearing nature and stylish good looks, that so much of our jewellery is designed in this wonderful metal. Our choice of platinum wedding rings is growing daily! Platinum wedding rings can be as ornate […]

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Platinum Eternity Rings

Platinum is a beautiful precious metal: stylish, classic and hard wearing. It has a lovely colour: more steely than silver and not so chrome-like as white gold. Platinum also has a very high temperature melting point and hardness which leads to very exciting designs that last a lifetime, where other materials can fail. Platinum jewellery […]

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