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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

Pruden and Smith


Our jewellery is crafted to last a lifetime, and we stand by this with up to a 20-year guarantee and free re-polishes for all Pruden and Smith pieces to keep them looking their best. We also offer free ring resizing on all our rings, as we understand it can be tricky to guess or get the right size.

To ensure your item is covered by our guarantee, please keep your receipt as proof of purchase, enabling us to provide the best support for your jewellery care.

Please note that general wear and tear are not covered. For example, over 19 years, a platinum item may wear thinner than when initially purchased – much like how leather shoes wear over time. This natural wear and tear is not included in our guarantee. However, we will do our utmost to help your piece last as long as possible.

We only carry out jewellery repairs on Pruden and Smith items. Here’s what you need to know about our guarantee policy for our jewellery:

  • 1-year guarantee for all strung and chain items.
  • 2-year guarantee for silver items.
  • 10-year guarantee for gold items.
  • 20-year guarantee for platinum items.

If your Pruden and Smith jewellery is within its guarantee period, we will repair or replace it free of charge, excluding accidental damage.

All items are eligible for one free sizing or fitting within three months of delivery, with proof of purchase required.

For bespoke items (Customised, Recycle Your Old Jewellery, or Make Something Brand New): Bespoke or made-to-order items cannot be returned. However, we are happy to make alterations until you are completely satisfied with the result.

Further Information:

As the makers of your jewellery, we know how it is constructed and are best placed to keep it serviced. Our advanced tools and equipment, such as our new laser welder, allow us to target problem areas in completed pieces more accurately than ever before. This means your repair is carried out using high-carat platinum and gold rather than "low melt metals". When you leave your Pruden and Smith jewellery with us, you can be assured of the utmost care and respect for the item at all times.

We will give you honest advice and recommendations if resizing or accidental damage repair is necessary. Your jewellery will be checked in and photographed. Our expert repairers will thoroughly examine your jewellery and recommend the required work, explaining any risks involved in the repair or resizing process.

If your jewellery is out of warranty or an insurance claim is to be made, you will be sent a quotation. Since 2022, we offer a full lifetime guarantee on all our jewellery, meaning we will repair and recondition your Pruden and Smith jewellery for free with proof of purchase.

We undertake jewellery repairs only when we are 100% confident that the work is economical for you and will stabilise the piece for continued wear. If this is not possible, we can remount your diamonds in a handmade replica of your original piece or offer a redesign service to preserve and combine pieces of sentimental value into a new design. Please be aware of the following cautions regarding jewellery repair after accidental damage and resizing:

There is always a risk that stones could be damaged during repair or remaking, with the worst-case scenario being a total loss due to breakage. Even new gemstones can break during setting, especially fragile ones like emeralds and opals. In such cases, we cannot be held liable for replacement. This is especially important to consider for stones with substantial sentimental value.

Precious stones are particularly vulnerable during some repairs, especially re-setting, re-clawing, or re-tipping. Even cleaning can damage softer stones. While we will always endeavour to re-polish any damaged stones, it must be understood that stones may become smaller during the re-cutting or polishing process. It is impossible to add material to a gemstone, so any damage must be removed.

We guarantee that your jewellery will be handled only by fully qualified personnel and, if transported off-site for work, will be carried out by insured professionals. Jewellery repairs are undertaken by experienced craftsmen and women. However, it is important to recognise that no repair is without risk. This disclaimer is common across all services that involve working on customer property, as the customer assumes some risk to their goods.

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