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Individually handmade, our collections of unusual rings are designed for both everyday wear and special occasions. With a wide selection of rings to choose from, its easy to find the perfect ring to suit your style.

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How to Measure Your Wrist Size

When it comes to bangles and bracelets, the right fit is important. If your bracelet is too loose it will slip off and get lost or damaged, but if it's too tight then you'll have trouble putting it on and taking it off. In this guide, we'll show you how to measure your wrist size at home so that you can shop confidently.

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Follow our four step method 

Gold and silver bangle

Step 1: Measure your wrist size

To get an accurate measurement, place one end of a tape measure, piece of string or strip of paper (see below) at the base of your hand and wrap it around your wrist, just above where you want to wear the bangle, bracelet or cuff. Make sure that the string is tight enough so it won't slip off, but comfortable enough to wear on a regular basis.

A helpful tip: if you don't have a tape measure handy, you can use paper. Simply cut a strip slightly wider than your wrist and then fold it over itself to make a snug band that fits around your wrist comfortably.

Gold nugget bracelet

Step 2: Write down measurement

If you used a piece of string or piece of paper, use a ruler to measure from end-to-end to get your measurement. 

Wave Bangle

Step 3: Use our size chart

Use the sizing charts provided by us below, to find your size for our bangles, bracelets or cuffs, from Extra Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL).

Gold and silver bangles

Step 4: Double check

Now that you have your measurements, double-check by going through the process again. Make sure that your wrist is measured at the place you want your bangle, bracelet or cuff to sit.  

Rebecca Smith designing jewellery

Our top tips!

You can also use a piece of string or paper to create a replica of our sizing and see how it fits. Alternatively, you could also measure an old bracelet that fits you well and compare the measurements against our guide to check for an appropriate size.

Find the perfect bangle, bracelet or cuff

You now have all the tools you need to measure your wrist size and make sure that your new bracelet will fit perfectly.  

Don't worry if you get it wrong, we offer a guarantee and a 30-day returns policy

As with any of our jewellery purchases, if you aren’t sure about the sizing or get it wrong, we offer a 30-day returns policy and a guarantee so that you can return or exchange your bracelet if it doesn't fit properly.

We hope you found this guide helpful, and we can’t wait to see some beautiful photos of your new Pruden and Smith jewellery. 

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We design and make handmade jewellery from our Workshop and Gallery in Ditchling, East Sussex (UK). From diamond engagement rings, eternity rings and wedding bands to iconic gemstone necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Our bespoke, unusual jewellery is expertly crafted by our skilled team from ethically sourced materials like recycled platinum and gold.
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