Commission Something New

Commissioning a bespoke unusual piece of jewellery that is personal to you or your loved ones is a very special gift. Our professional jewellery designers work closely with you to create a tailor-made piece. Whether it is for you or for a loved one, Pruden and Smith can create the right piece of jewellery for you. Indeed, you can choose from limitless possibilities. For example, a platinum and diamond engagement ring or an 18ct gold wedding ring. Alternatively, ruby earrings for yourself or a white gold pendant for your daughter. Our bespoke new jewellery service where you can commission something new is a great way to get creative.

There are many reasons to commission your own piece of bespoke new jewellery. Firstly, when you commission something new, you are part of the creative process and can design exactly what you envision. Not only is this a fun, personalised process, but it also means that the outcome will be totally unique. Furthermore, our skilled designers can help you select beautiful gemstones to make your new jewellery stand out. We handmake all our unusual, contemporary jewellery in platinum, 18ct gold or silver to endure durability and beautiful colour.

Moreover, you may want to commission new jewellery to commemorate or celebrate a significant occasion in your life. This is really special as it means you can always remember or honour that moment whenever you wear the jewellery. Alternatively, commissioning something new as a gift is memorable as the jewellery holds a deep significance between you and your loved ones. For example, why not commission a bespoke new ring with your loved one’s birthstone for their birthday? The opportunities are endless. You may have fallen in love with the colour or cut of a particular gemstone, bring your ideas to us.

Contact our designers now to commission something new and have it handmade and delivered in four weeks


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