Birthstone Jewellery

What better birthday or anniversary gift than personalised, contemporary, handmade birthstone jewellery? Across the world birthstones hold a significant place in many traditions and belief systems and they are a huge trend in gemstone jewellery.

History of birthstone jewellery

In Western cultures, birthstones originated in the 1st century from the breastplate of Aaron. The breastplate held twelve gemstones to supposedly represent the twelve tribes of Israel. For centuries, we could not standardise the twelve stones that represented each month. This is because they differed depending on the translation on the Bible. Traditionally, people owned all twelve gemstones and would wear each one in accordance to the designated stone that month. Nowadays, we associate individuals with the gemstone of their birth month. Birthstones have become hugely popular in gemstone jewellery gifts as a colourful addition to any collection of jewellery.

Our unusual, bespoke birthstone jewellery offers something to suit all tastes. We handmake colourful, contemporary earrings, bangles, rings, pendants and necklaces in our Ditchling workshops in Sussex. Furthermore, we always work in 18ct white, rose and yellow gold, platinum and silver for all our contemporary jewellery. This ensures the best strength and a beautiful colour for birthstone gifts that will last a lifetime.

Browse our wide range of birthstone jewellery gift collections. For example, our designs span from rough hammered metalwork reflecting high-quality craftsmanship, to contemporary and unusual designs that radiate sophistication.

Many of the birthstones such as tourmaline (October birthstone) and sapphire (September birthstone) come in a variety of tones and shades. Therefore, you can find the gemstone jewellery that’s perfectly suited to you or your loved ones. This makes birthstone jewellery a wonderful gifting option.

Men’s birthstone jewellery

Struggling to find a gift for the special men in your life? Thankfully birthstone jewellery isn’t just for women. Our unusual, organic feel cufflinks with rough cut gemstones such as amethyst (February birthstone) make wonderful gifts. They are stylish and unique, as well as holding personal significance in the special birthstone.


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