August Birthstone Jewellery - Peridot

The vibrant green peridot represents August birthstone jewellery. Peridot is a colourful attractive stone that perfectly matches the bright summer month and all those born in it. Peridot’s stunning rich hues of lime green with slight hints of gold work brilliantly set in platinum, silver or 18ct gold. Here at Pruden and Smith, we love peridot and it has long been one of our favourite gemstones.

History of Peridot

We can trace the history of peridot jewellery all the way back to Ancient Egypt. They called it the ‘gem of the sun’. This was because they believed wearers of peridot could harness its healing properties to protect them from nightmares. It is unsurprising that in legends and mythology spanning centuries, the vivid green stone symbolised the sun. People even thought peridot was a gift from Mother Nature, to celebrate the annual creation of a new world.

Peridot does not only make a wonderful gift as August birthstone jewellery because of its symbolism of radiance and nature. It is also a robust gemstone that is great for everyday wear as well as for special occasions. The citrus and earthy tones of this special gemstone make it a great option for gifting to nature lovers who celebrate their birthday in August. Pop into our Ditchling gallery and workshops in Sussex where we handmake all our jewellery. Here you can browse all our handmade, unusual August birthstone jewellery, peridot collections and find more inspiration.

About Peridot

Unlike most gemstones, peridot’s mineral, Olivine, creates its iconic vibrant green colour instead of trace impurities in the stone. Although very rare, gemmologists sometimes find peridots inside meteors, giving the gem an even more fascinating allure.

Arizona is the main source of most of the world’s peridots. However, the discovery of high-quality deposits in Pakistan in the 1990s brought a huge peridot revival to jewellery fashion trends. Indeed, Pakistan produces some of the finest gems known as ‘Kashmir peridots’.

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