July Birthstone Jewellery - Ruby

July birthstone jewellery stunningly features the ruby – one of the most coveted gemstones in the world. Ruby is one of the hardest gemstones, second only to diamond. Ruby is the king of precious gems in the big 4 – diamond, ruby, sapphire and emerald. People have prized this beautiful red jewel for centuries. These stunning, beautiful and rare red gems are rich with birthstone personal significance, symbolism and history.

Ruby carries rich mythology and there are countless famous admirers of the precious deep red stone. The enthralling colour of the rich red ruby allures people around the world. Furthermore, the rarity of large rubies in comparison to large diamonds, emeralds or sapphires means that they often fetch higher prices than all these notorious gemstones.

July birthstone jewellery and ruby symbolises love, passion and vitality. We handmake unusual and contemporary rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets which are perfect for July birthstone gifts. We prefer to work in platinum, silver and 18ct white, rose and yellow gold. Therefore, you can wear our stunning contemporary designs every day, or on special occasions. For example, our rough ruby stacking rings are extremely popular. A rare and special gift for yourself or loved ones to treasure, knowing the significance of their birthstone.

About Ruby

Rubies derive from the mineral corundum, like sapphires. However, they are uniquely a rich burning red in colour with hints of purple. All other colours of corundum of gem quality including yellow, orange, green, black and blue classify as sapphires. In particular, chronium inside rubies is what give them their enthralling red colour. Additionally, it also causes fluorescence. This gives ruby their captivating glow like a fire within that civilisations have been fascinated with since antiquity. Ancient Asian mythology classified the ruby as ‘self-luminous’ and they believed the stone lit the chambers of Chinese emperors and Hindu priests.

‘Pigeon’s blood’ rubies are the finest in the world. Firstly, they distinguish themselves by their intense red colour and light-scattering red fluorescence. The Mogok valley of Upper Burma, is the oldest known source of rubies in the world. In addition, Thailand is another source of dark rubies. Interestingly, both countries regard the ruby as their national stone.

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