Our personalisation services here at Pruden and Smith guarantee you will leave our Ditchling workshops and gallery with something truly unique and personalised to you. Whether you’re commissioning a new piece, redesigning your old jewellery or gift buying, personalisation is what will make it shine.

History of Jewellery Personalisation

Once upon a time in the past, all jewellery was bespoke. People commissioned jewellers to craft custom pieces of jewellery as a symbol of wealth and status. However, mass production and high street jewellery retailers have led to jewellery losing the personal touch it one possessed.

The jewellery world disputes the definition of personalised jewellery as there is so much that fits under this umbrella term. For example, there exists custom made, one of a kind, sentimental or customised jewellery. All these forms attract buyers as they have input and control in the creative process and outcome of their jewellery.

One of the most popular and special ways to personalise jewellery is engraving. We hand engrave our unusual, contemporary jewellery. You can decide if you want to inscribe initials, dates or even a special message on your jewellery. Furthermore, this is a great option for gifting as it holds a special significance between you and your loved ones.

Additionally, if you want a totally unique, personal piece, why not commission something yourself? We can design every element of your new jewellery to perfectly suit your taste and your budget.

Contact our designers now to discuss jewellery personalisation or to book a design appointment


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